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Becoming a member of the Women's Impact Network of Eagle County is straightforward and the process of picking the scholarship recipients is streamlined thanks to the help of our partner, YouthPower365’s Valley Scholars program.


You Meet the Requirements and Sign-Up

The Donation is Made

You Choose Your Level of Involvement

If you are a woman 18 or older, you can fill out this form and become a member.

Once you have made your donation, you will be added to our members’ list to receive updates on the scholarship recipients, news from the organization, ways to volunteer, and information on events.

Members can opt-in for involvement, including reviewing applications and participating in the interview process.  Alternatively, you can make a contribution and follow along with regular updates per your interest. After you fill out the membership form, we will inquire about your interest level.

picking the
scholarship recipients

The Vail Valley Foundation & YouthPower365

Valley Scholars & Eagle County Senior Students

WIN's Involvement

The Interview Process

The Final Results 

Women’s Impact Network of Eagle County is honored to partner with YouthPower365’s Valley Scholars program through the Vail Valley Foundation to find eligible students already applying for scholarships. Valley Scholars supports local youth as they pursue secondary degrees to achieve their career aspirations.

Everyone who applies for Valley Scholars can apply to interview for the WIN Scholarship, should they meet the criteria established for that year. Valley Scholars is open to any high school senior in Eagle County and scholarships can be applied toward a four-year university, community college, or vocation program. 

Before scholarships are reviewed, WIN members meet to discuss criteria for the students — what their ideal candidates look like. This is an annual meeting, so the criteria can shift slightly each year depending on the members’ goals and ideas. Students who qualify for these scholarships come from families who would normally qualify for financial aid, as well as middle/dual-income families who are above normal financial aid limits but who might struggle to afford higher education.

WIN members are invited to volunteer with Valley Scholars and can participate in reviewing applications and conducting in person interviews.  Through this review and interview process, the finalists for the WIN Scholarship are determined.  Again, WIN members are invited to volunteer in reviewing the finalist applications and interviews.

Final decisions on scholarship recipients are decided in April and announced in May of each year.


Interested in becoming a mentor with YouthPower365?

Follow the link below to complete the Scholars Mentor Match Form.

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