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We hope to answer any and all questions you may have regarding Women's Impact Network of Eagle County. If you do not see your question answered on this page, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Who Can Be A Member?

Women's Impact Network of Eagle County is open to women 18 and older. Memberships are renewed annually. You do not need to be an Eagle County Resident to join.


How Many Members Are There?

In the 2022/23 scholarship cycle we had 133 members! To see the full list of members, click here.


How Does the Women's Impact Network of Eagle County Work?

We collect individual donations of $1,000 per member for the annual scholarships for Eagle County senior students. The more members, the more scholarships we are able to provide! Collective philanthropic giving creates a rare opportunity for individual donations to make a bigger impact and for student applicants to receive a transformative scholarship.


Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

Yes. Women's Impact Network of Eagle County partners with YouthPower365, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so donations are tax-deductible, to the extent of the law, for the year in which the donation was made.


What Is Required of A Member?

Members choose their own level of involvement. Some members are content knowing that 100% of their donation will directly benefit the scholarship recipients. Other members may want to get more involved. We encourage all members to participate in the scholarship review and selection process. Other opportunities may include mentorship of scholarship recipients, hosting educational opportunities, and participating in group volunteer activities within the community.


Do You Accept Corporate Matching?

Yes! Please email us at to discuss further.


My Company or My Spouse’s Company Matches Funds for Charitable Donations. Can I Give $500 and Have the Company Match It to Make My Total $1,000 Donation?

Matching gifts are most certainly welcome but may not be used to fund a membership donation. To find out if you (or your spouse's) company offers matching funds click here.


There is a Suggested Membership Option for $1,100. What Does the Additional $100 Cover?

The additional funds help offset our annual kickoff event, Scholarship Celebration, and care packages for scholarship recipients.


What Are the Committees I Can Join As A Member?

Women's Impact Network of Eagle County is an all-volunteer organization, operated by its members with many talents and types of expertise. All members are encouraged (but not required) to serve on one committee. Committees and activities include:

  • Membership Recruitment and Retention

  • Member Education, Activities and Events

  • Community Service and Nonprofit Outreach

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Business Sponsorship


How Long is My Membership for the Women's Impact Network of Eagle County

Our annual membership year runs from June 1 through May 31. Each $1,000 donation provides membership for one year. Membership is renewable beginning in June of each year.


How Does the Women's Impact Network of Eagle County Decide Who Gets the Scholarships?

Women's Impact Network of Eagle County partners with YouthPower365’s Valley Scholars program to find eligible students who are already applying to scholarships. Everyone who applies for Valley Scholars can apply to interview for the scholarships for Women’s Impact Network of Eagle County. The members of Women’s Impact Network of Eagle County meet before reviewing the scholarships to discuss criteria for the students — what their ideal candidates look like for the given cycle. With that criteria in mind, the finalists are chosen through Valley Scholars. WIN members are then invited to participate in application review, final interviews and voting.

  1. Step One: Volunteers read the applications and score them. (WIN members and also others in the community) 

  2. Step Two: All applicants are interviewed and receive a score from a committee of volunteers. (WIN members and other volunteers in the community, along with the YouthPower365 team) 

  3. Step Three: Scores are compiled and reviewed by YouthPower365 staff and they come back to us with the top ten finalists for the WIN scholarship.


How Does 100% of my Donation go to the Scholarship Fund? There Aren't Any Hidden Fees?

The Vail Valley Foundation handles the administration of the scholarship awards at no cost to the Women’s Impact Network of Eagle County. This means every dollar raised goes to the students, with funds paid directly to the school at which they enroll.


We are always looking for new members to join our efforts. If you are interested in joining us for the next scholarship year, please fill out the form via the link below.

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